Poetry of Life

Ah, Ah BY JOY HARJO for Lurline McGregor Ah, ah cries the crow arching toward the heavy sky over the marina.Lands on the crown of the palm tree. Ah, ah slaps the urgent cove of ocean swimming through the slips.We carry canoes to the edge of the salt. Ah, ah groans the crew with the weight, …

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Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020

Wild Little Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what a different Mother’s Day it will be this year. Much like Easter we will be engaging in video chats with our families on Sunday to celebrate the Mom’s in our lives.

As a Mother of two little ones, I have grown so much over the past few years. I am so thankful for my children and the gift of Motherhood. Some days are tough as a Stay At Home Mom, the jobs at home can feel repetitive, however, the ability to be at home and choosing to cherish those special moments makes all the repetitive tasks worth it! It has taught me to find joy in the little things, and to rely on myself for affirmation, to believe in myself and press on with a servant heart and attitude. Even while being at home during this pandemic, I am affirmed that…

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