How Rich Are You?


As I was reading a blog today I came accross an article about being rich. What does richness mean to the average person? If you google “rich”, under images you will find rich people, gold, golden cars, money, dollar signs etc etc. It is also assumed that the rich men get the beautiful women too. Our society projects that being “rich” is the ultimate success, what you can obtain and who will be attracted to you is unsurmountable for a “rich” person.

Solomon was one of the richest people in the history of Israel with power and prestige, according to the Bible. He built the great temple in Jerusalem among many other projects, he had 700 wives, 300 concubines, and he wrote songs and proverbs. To the 21st Century person, Solomon would have been known to have “had it all”, success, beautiful women and he was well known. What more could he ask for?  The irony, is that as he neared the end of his life he was frustrated and bitter. Upon relflecting on his life he writes in the book of Ecclesiastes 12:8 that “Everything is meaningless”. Throughout this book of the bible he continues to express his feelings about what his “riches” gave him. It turned out for him that being rich and “having it all” did not provide the ultimate happiness that we all strive for.

The story I read from the other blog is of a family or 7 kids and a mother who are truly “rich” with love and purpose. However, by societies standards they are considered poor. This family had it all figured out! They were proud to wear their tattered clothes and worn shoes if it meant they could save money to help someone else. Sharing eating utensils was a quick draw game to see who got the spoons and who got the forks. It wasn’t until the “eyes” of society looked down on them for having less that they realized they were different. Here is the article from another blogger:


How many times does this happen in our lives? As christians we try not to be judgemental but it happends and that is due to the fall when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.(Genesis 3) We have to accept that we are sinners, and thus repent, knowing that there is hope for a fallen nation. By seeking Christ’s nature we will be changed from the inside out and that is our promise from God our Father.

When you go to church on Sunday ask yourself this, are you comfortable wearing your everyday clothes or do you feel you have to wear your “Sunday Best”? If you choose to wear nice clothes becuase you can then great, but if it is to impress people at church then save the effort. Church is not about impressing other people, it is about knowing God as a community of believers. If we have time to judge one another then our focus is not on Jesus!

Focus on things above not below, we become righteous not by acts but by what is in our hearts! Therefore, if we focus on him always, WE WILL BE RICH! In the end, we take nothing to heaven and thus it is all meaningless just as Solomon said. Personally, I want to have my heart and soul right with Jesus when I face the day of judgment from our Holy Father! Don’t you?

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